This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?

Today, March 8th, we celebrate International Womens Day. Daily my thoughts and apprecitation goes out to all women who are truly in them selves extraordinary creatures, but today, let’s shout it from the rooftops, celebrate and salute alle the women who:

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  • cleans the house
  • does the dishes
  • kisses the children
  • takes care of her husband
  • genuinely alway tries to do better
  • always thinks of everyone’s wellbeingdreamstimefree_67448
  • gets raped
  • is beating
  • is killed
  • is abducted & abused
  • is regarded less than
  • is belittled
  • is traded
  • is treatet as a commoditydreamstimefree_162190
  • is taken for granted
  • bears the children
  • is searching for love
  • is taking care of her self
  • is helping her sisters
  • is raising good kind daughters and sons
  • is using her brain
  • is going to school
  • is breaking the mold
  • is cooking the dinner, the lunch, the breakfast, the snacks
  • is working the fields, the mine, the garden, the house, the office, the lab
  • is paving the way
  • is having fun
  • is living her authentic self
  • is raisng awarenessPrettyl Violinist
  • is picking up socks
  • is doing laundry
  • is breaking her back to do it all

The list is endless. We women are truly a force to be reconed with in this world. Today, as any day, I salute you all. You ROCK!!!


What do you salute and celebrate women for? Help me finish the list, by writing a comment. I’d also love to know, how you celebrate Womens Day :0)

Happy Womens Day!!!


Lots of Love, Sabine


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